Friends and Family Test Results

Results November 2020

Surveyed Patients: 150

Responses: 49

Extremely Likely 35
Likely 11
Neither Likely or Unlikely 0


Extremely Unlikely 1
Don't Know  0

Results October 2020

Surveyed Patients: 179

Responses: 46

Extremely Likely  31
Likely  8
Neither Likely or Unlikely  1
Unlikely  4
Extremely Unlikely 2
Don't Know 0


Results September 2020

Surveyed Patients: 129

Responses: 30

Extremely Likely  20
Likely 4
Neither Likely or Unlikely 3
Unlikely 0
Extremely Unlikely 2
Don't Know  1

Results August 2020

Surveyed Patients: 129

Responses: 39

Extremely Likely 28
Likely 7
Neither Likely or Unlikely 2
Unlikely  2
Extremely Unlikely 0
Don't Know  0

Results July 2020

Surveyed Patients: 98

Responses: 28

Extremely Likely 22
Likely 5
Neither Likely or Unlikely 1
Unlikely 0
Extremely Unlikely 0
Don't Know  0


Results June 2020

Surveyed Patients: 143

Responses: 47

Extremely Likely  37
Likely 6
Neither Likely or Unlikely  1
Unlikely 0
Extremely Unlikely 1
Don't Know  2

Results May 2020 

Surveyed Patients : 106

Responses: 24

Extremely Likely 21
Likely 2
Neither Likely or Unlikely  1
Unlikely 0
Extremely Unlikely 0


Results April 2020 

Patient surveyed: 102

Responses: 25

Extremely Likely 18
Likely 4
Neither Likely nor Unlikely 2
Unlikely 0
Extremely Unlikely 1
Don't Know  0


Results March 2020

Extremely Likely 18
Likely 5
Neither Likely nor Unlikely 0
Unlikely 1
Extremely Unlikely 2
Don't Know 0


Results February 2020

Extremely Likely  28
Likely 11
Neither Likely nor Unlikely 1
Unlikely 2
Extremely Unlikely  2
Don't Know 0


Results January 2020

Extremely Likely 




Neither Likely nor Unlikely




Extremely Unlikely 


Don't Know 


Below is a selection of comments from our patients:


"Quick access to appointment for my child and self and friendly competent Dr."

"Very kind and helpful gave good advice on what to do"

"The GP was really helpful and communication was good with my daughter. Checked all physical obs and my daughter felt listened to."

"Helpful advice"

"Issue resolved"

 "Doctor rang me as planned and I did not feel pressured or rushed in any way. I felt cared for as if I was in the room with the doctor."

"The telephone appointment was done extremely professionally and easy to understand the questions asked - which also were asked in a pleasant manner."

"The nurse was extremely pleasant and knowledgeable. Appointment was on time."

"Efficient, very helpful and Friendly"

"Pleasant staff and able to get an appointment on the day"

"Doctor was efficient and explained everything to me"

"Very helpful staff and always have time for you"

"Quick and professional service"

"Friendly helpful staff, from reception to the nurses to the doctors"

"Whenever I ring the surgery everyone is very helpful and pleasant and i get the information and advice i need"

"Competent friendly staff"

"Phone call received when said and very helpful advice"

"Reception staff brilliant and the nurse that did my sons injections was very good and kept everything very clean and reassuring".

"Very helpful"

"Doctor rang me that afternoon gave me reassurance"

"The doctor I've spoken to was reassuring, and very helpful having the time to talk about my elderly mother. Thankyou."

"The service I received last week wasn't very good. It got better after the doctor called and prescribed my medication and today even better. Feel that i was listened to."   


"Pleasant receptionist, and the nurse made me feel very comfortable"

"Didn't  receive the call back on the requested although we were placed on the next  day list  x I have been very impressed with the care and advice received recently. Good practice"

"Every staff member I have had contact with (whether it be via phone or in person) has been exceptionally helpful. The receptionists are always polite and and helpful and have gone above and beyond on several occasions. The doctors and nurses have been incredible with taking the time to listen to my needs, asking in depth questions 
and trying to get to the bottom of my ailments. They've been prompt in prescribing medications, all of which has been successful in helping ease my pains and troubles.  I'm forever grateful to all of the staff at this surgery. They're all wonderful, and I'm a much happier and slightly healthier (I have a way to go personally) person because of them. So thank you"

"The nurse I saw was lovely and very gentle when doing my smear!"

"Professional and efficient"

"Tidy and clean. Great GP"

"Very professional. Prompt and efficient care"

"Polite efficient staff" 


"Speedy response and treatment. Excellent service. Got my hospital appointment in two days Thank you"

"Been with the surgery for over 20 years and never had any issues would highly reccomend to anyone."

"Always received professional and friendly service from all of the staff at the surgery".

"Lovely helpfull staff. Very good communication & advice from staff" 

"I have always had good service and treated with courtesy".

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