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Vaccinations During Covid-19 Outbreak - Don't delay Posted on 21 Apr 2020

Vaccinations During Covid-19 Outbreak - Don't delay 

During the current Covid-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak there are lots of things that parents are having to think about. 

Vaccinations protect children from many serious illnesses. To make sure that your child is properly protected it is important that they still get their immunisations on time where possible. Health experts strongly advise that you make and keep your children's immunisation appointments as planned. The same advice applies to teenagers who are due their routine adolescent immunisations. 

The diseases that the vaccines protect against are very serious and therefore vaccination should not be delayed because of concerns about post-vaccination fever. We have also been made aware of concerns that parents will not know whether a fever following immunisations is due to their immunisations or to Covid-19

Indications to date suggest that Covid-19 causes mild diseases in infant and children. As has always been recommended, any infant with fever after vaccination should be monitored and if parents are concerned about their infant's health at any time, they should see advice from their GP or contact NHS 111.

If your children are due routine childhood immunisations, please book the required appointments by calling 01772 529260. Please do not attend if the family is in self-isolation. If the child or parent develops symptoms of a temperature of 37.8 or above or has a new continuous cough please call to cancel the appointment. 

Please telephone the surgery to speak to our nursing team if you require any more information. 

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